Juan Venegas - Team Leader
Matt Keonig - Communications
ChiaJun Tai - Concept Holder
Jacob Anhorn - Concept Holder
Jacob Stimes - Webmaster
Andrew Dailey - Webmaster

Project Overview

The Prison Garden Production app will be a tool for inmates to use in prisons across Iowa for educational and rehabitual purposes. It will provide inmates with skills they can use to re-incorporate themselves into society, while also giving them a sense of accomplishment. This app will meet prison security standards regarding internet access by restricting wifi. A connection through a secure server will be made for the faculty to track inmate progress.


The purpose of the Prison Garden Production app is to educate and rehabilitate inmates by allowing them to more efficiently track the development of their gardens within the prison. Society will benefit from this by seeing a smaller rate of reincarceration. Inmates will leave prison with a new set of skills and the confidence to use those skills in the working world.


Through this project we hope to provide a product that is affordable and feasible to implement in Iowa’s prison facilities. We hope to achieve creation of a secure server that will allow communication between inmates and ISU gardening experts that adheres to prison security standards.